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Alarm DTR alert multichannel systems
  • Alarm DTR alert multichannel systems

Alarm DTR alert multichannel systems

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Performs automatic notification by phone personnel rapid response units (Ministry of Emergencies, Ministry of Internal Affairs, security, emergency services), the occurrence of crises. Running warning made by the operator and confirmed by entering a password. The program dials a phone number from the list, and when the subscriber answers the call, plays a given phrase. Alert signal Preparation subscriber acknowledges dial on their telephone numbers or certain combination of digits. After completing the roll call, the program presents a detailed report on the results of outgoing calls.

Multichannel AlarmDTR warning system consists of a computer, which establishes plata record and playback audio messages DTR - 05 - PCI, DTR - 08 - PCIe, or that connects to an external device (board) DTR - 08 - USB, DTR - 08 - GSM.

Single board DTR - 08 - USB, DTR - 08 - PCIe and DTR - 05 - PCI can range from 1 to 8 channels. In the apparatus 08 DTR - one GSM - GSM channel and two channels for telephone lines. To work with a large number of phone lines to a computer, you can install multiple cards DTR, including various types. All of them will work in the same ALARMDTR program. Powered by analog phone lines with tone or pulse dialing. The device DTR - 08 - GSM must have a SIM card of the mobile operator.

List on which to make calls, it is a text file, where each user specified by up to three phone numbers and names. If it does not get through to the first phone subscriber, made the call at the following number.

Audio message transmitted to the subscriber, promptly can record from a microphone attached to a computer or a telephone connected to the DTR device.

The program has both automatic and manual control of telephone lines.

When working with the device DTR - 08 - GSM AlarmDTR program can send SMS by subscribers list.

DTR device is designed for long - term continuous operation clock.

The latest version of Alarm DTR (v6. 13) link .

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A type

Number of channels

DTR - 08 - GSM DTR - 08 - USB DTR - 08 - PCIe DTR - 05 - PCI
for Windows XP / 7/10 32/64 discharge for Windows XP / 7/10 32razryada
1 10386 6930 6930 6642
2 11040 8364 8364 7788
3 11598 - - -
4 - 10668 10668 10098
6 - - 13404 12696
8 - 16146 16146 15150
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 12.11.2019
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