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System of informing by CallCenter DTR phone (call-down of debtors)
  • System of informing by CallCenter DTR phone (call-down of debtors)

System of informing by CallCenter DTR phone (call-down of debtors)

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The Call Center DTR system is intended for automatic communication by phone with subscribers and exchange with them of information. To Call Center it is connected from 1 to 8 phone lines. The system can:

· to tell subscribers the sum of their debt;

· to accept from subscribers of the indication of metering devices;

· to reproduce by phone the sound file with the required subscriber information;

· to connect the subscriber to the operator;

· . to tell by phone the circular message according to the list of subscribers.

Initial information for work of CallCenterDTR is the list of subscribers with phone numbers, numbers of personal accounts and the sum of their debt. CallCenterDTR communicates with subscribers in two ways:

· calls by telephones of clients;

· answers incoming calls.

Outgoing calls to subscribers can is made in two cases –

· to tell the debtor the debt sum (automatic call - down of debtors) or

· for transfer of the circular message, for example about the forthcoming planned shutdown.

At an incoming call of CallCenterDTR offers the subscriber the voice menu, for example:

"Hello! You called the service center regional power. To learn the sum of the debt, switch the phone to a tone mode and gather 1 to report indications of the counter, having typed them on phone, gather 2 to report indications of the counter by voice gather 3 to listen to information on the operating tariffs gather 4 to talk to the representative of subscriber department take 5. If you cannot switch the phone to a tone mode, wait and you will be answered by the operator".

The template of the voice menu with necessary sound files is included in the delivery package. If necessary the User can independently organize the voice menu under the tasks. It is simple to make it, using means of the Call Center DTR program. The system works at the Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Works at analog phone lines with a tone set of number. During the work on several phone lines one lines are adjusted for call - down of debtors, on others the program answers incoming calls. If there is only one line, then this work can be carried in time – in day and evening occurs call - down, in the rest of the time Call Center works.

The device is realized on payments of record and reproduction of sound messages of DTR - 08 - USB, DTR - 08 - PCIe or DTR - 05 - PCI installed in the computer, or connected to the computer through USB.

Latest version of the CallCenter DTR program (v 6. 13) for a ssyleka:


To download RE according to the reference: 

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Number of channels

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Payment of DTR - 05 - PCI

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 13.04.2021

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